Chopping knife

The chopping knife is one of the essential cooking tools for cutting your meat and various foods. AZ Boutique offers professional quality chopping knives for chopping meat, vegetables and herbs.

A real everyday tool for the butcher or restaurant chef, the chopping knife ensures a very fine cut of the meat without the food sticking to the blade. With this kitchen equipment, chopping becomes very simple and its versatile side will undoubtedly appeal to kitchen lovers.

Meat chopping knife: chopping meat has never been easier in the kitchen!

There are three types of choppers in the kitchen: the butcher's chopping knife (a professional chopping knife that has one or two blades, a handle or two handles depending on the model), the manual chopper (mill style with a handle or a grinder) or the electric chopper (household chopper robot or multi-function chopper robot), slicing, grinding, grating, chopping, etc. It generally has several functions such as reverse key, jamming function, automatic stop, double blades, double direction of rotation, different grids, glass blender, French fries cut, etc.

In this category of Professional Knives, AZ Boutique offers you quality meat chopping knives and manual choppers to help you in your daily life.  You will find all our chopping robots in our Electro Category.

All the advantages of the best chopping knife in the kitchen!

Kitchen cleaver, double blade rocking chopper, the different types of professional chopper have a very retro look and a curved or half-moon blade exactly like the war tools of the old days.  The blade of the chopper can finely chop the meat but also the herbs using a cutting board as a support so that they can be easily incorporated into your culinary preparations. This type of chopper with a sharp blade can also be used to chop vegetables. This kitchen accessory is also very easy to clean and to sharpen!

As you know, onions, parsley and herbs are everywhere, especially when it comes to spicing up a dish or adding an incomparable scent! Using a log, finely chop your aromatic herbs and other herbs with our stainless steel or steel blade choppers equipped with an ergonomic plastic handle. We have several types of chopping knives on AZ Boutique: the chopper with a single blade (chopper style) and another model with double blades.

Then there is the double steel blade chopper knife, which allows faster and stronger chopping with a pendulum movement, thus saving time and increasing efficiency. There is no need to cut onions or shallots for hours. All you need is this very sharp double-blade stainless steel chopper to slice your food finely and efficiently. This chopping knife can also act as a small meat chopper and you can make good homemade chopped steak. However, if you chop a larger amount of meat then it is better to use an electric meat grinder (or robot cutter) or manual chopper than a chopping knife to avoid tiredness.

AZ Boutique also offers you the model of the Lacor mini chopper specially designed to chop garlic, onions, parsley, mint, coriander and other aromatic herbs with precision! Don't waste any more time chopping your ingredients by hand to make your favourite dishes. In a few simple steps, this small stainless steel chopper helps you to quickly obtain a perfect result. The mini chopper we have on our website is made entirely of 18/10 stainless steel; they have small, highly efficient 18/10 stainless steel blades. This type of stainless steel is resistant to rust, corrosion and scale formation. Its operation is like that of an electric robot or grinder, simply press on top of this mini manual chopper and you're done. You can use it anywhere at any time because due to its small size, it moves easily and there is no need for electricity. It is easily dismantled, and this allows you to clean it easily even in the dishwasher.

Don't forget to take good care of your meat knives and sharpen them conscientiously to preserve their cutting power!

Paderno, Lacor or Victorinox meat knives, at AZ Boutique we offer the best brands of chef's knives for professional kitchens: you can also find other exceptional Victorinox, Paderno or Lacor stainless steel kitchen knives such as the sole fillet knife, steak knife, serrated knives, utility knife, Santoku kitchen knife, the Japanese knife, bread knife, boning knife, carving knife, the paring knife or the ham knife, cutlery knife set and other cutting accessories such as knife block, knife sharpening tool such as the granite knife sharpener, peeler, slicer, colander and many more.

All the origins of the meat chopper!

The manual meat chopper was invented in 1820 by the French Karl Drais. He set up a kitchen appliance inspired by the traditional chopping knife to cut meat faster and more easily. This appliance of the cookware set known as the meat mill had a crank handle, a metal screw, a metal funnel on top and a stainless steel grate. This is the type of food processor called a chopped steak machine or multifunctional multi-purpose meat chopper that we know today: you will find all our meat processors in our electro category!

Our recipe ideas with minced meat just for you, prepared with the help of quality kitchen knives!

We give you some easy recipes made from minced meat using your chopping knife, manual meat mincer or electric multi-function robot: fried meat, stuffed potatoes, meatballs, lasagne, Bolognese spaghetti, Parmentier minced meat, meat pies, stuffed tomatoes or even homemade raviolis.

Remember, once the mincing is complete, it is strictly necessary to wash the chopper thoroughly as meat residue may contain bacteria that could contaminate other pieces of meat the next time it is used. You can also use a sharpener to sharpen the blade of your choppers if you notice after several uses that the blades start to weaken.  So, grab your chopper and make delicious homemade meals!

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