Ice cream scoop

The ice cream scoop is an essential kitchen accessory to serve icecream and sorbets.  Nothing beats enjoying a good ice cream in the hot summer heat, isn't it ? Ice cream spoon is definitely a must have kitchen tool in the catering, especially during summertime. The ice cream scoop, also known as an ice cream spoon, along with good grips, allows you to make nice, round, regular scoops of ice cream effortlessly for an amazing dessert. This professional kitchen equipment is useful for both amateurs and professionals.

On AZ Boutique, you will find commercial ice cream scoops such as the Paderno brand's tools made of 100% of stainless steel: round ice cream scoop 36 parts/litre, 100 parts/litre or oval or cylindrical ice cream spoon 30 parts/litre, etc. The indication of the number of parts per litre helps you to know how many ice creams scoops you can make for 1L of ice cream or sorbet. It is important to know that the traditional ice cream container sold in shops has a capacity of exactly 1L (about 500g).

The ice cream scoop is one of the kitchen utensils that can be used all year round and not only during the summer season. Indeed, apart from making scoops of ice cream , this small stainless steel material has other uses in the kitchen... curious to know more? Below are a few examples of the usefulness of the ice cream spoon to replace other kitchen items.

Find the best commercial ice cream scoop in our range of cutlery

AZ Boutique offers you several types of ice cream spoons of different capacities. Round ice cream spoon, oval ice cream spoon, cylindrical ice cream spoon, conical ice cream spoon: all this amazing kitchen equipment to embellish your preparations and bring a touch of regularity whatever the quantity. The different types of ice cream spoons make it possible to create decorations according to your taste and present convivial plates. If you have crushed ice, this ice cream maker gadget can also act like an ice scoop.

Here is how to divert intelligently the use of your ice cream spoon :

Planning to bake some cookies? Did you know you can put the cookie dough on your baking mat with the use of the ice cream scoop? Forget the piping bag or the tablespoon and opt for the ice cream spoon to put your cookie dough evenly on it.

You can also fill your silicone pan or muffin tins to make delicious muffins or cupcakes using the portioning tool. The ice cream scoop is just the right size to fill your muffin or cupcake cups properly. Smart right?

You can also use this kitchen utensil to put the finishing touch on your plate and create regular shapes for your side dishes. A simple dish of tournedos and mashed potatoes can thus become a unique work of art!

How to master the Art of making scoops ice cream?

The ice cream scoop is very easy to handle thanks to its ergonomic shape and handle, but unfortunately some people still cannot manage to remove a circular scoop ice cream from it due to misuse of the spoon! It is simple :

  • Soak it first in warm water in a small bowl or in a pitcher a few minutes before using it to facilitate the removal of your ice cream ball or sorbet.
  • Obtain beautiful and uniform ice cream scoops thanks to this simple technique which allows the ice cream to slide better on the nonstick stainless steel spoon.
  • To make several scoops, remember to regularly plunge it back into the warm water after making about two scoops. Scooping ice cream in a cone has never been so easy!

The best ice cream scoop is always made of stainless steel

Stainless steel is the trend in almost every kitchen in the world. Whether it is for worktops, furniture, kitchen accessories or appliances, stainless steel can be found everywhere. Why is that so? Stainless steel is both resistant and hygienic. The ice cream portioning spoon sold by AZ Boutique are made of stainless steel for the professional quality of this material.

Stainless steel is also well known for its aesthetic appearance. The shininess of stainless steel kitchenware brings a modern and ultra-design touch. Moreover, this material gives a professional look to your kitchen.

Stainless steel is well known for its resistance and durability. The stainless steel ice cream spoons that we offer on AZ Boutique are very resistant and have a very long lifespan. Are you a bit clumsy? Do not worry with stainless steel as your ice cream spoon will not break even if it falls on the floor!

Stainless steel is also a very healthy material that is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. In addition, stainless steel is corrosion resistant, your stainless steel kitchen equipment will also withstand intensive washing in industrial dishwashers in large kitchens.

Enjoy homemade ice cream, frozen-yogurt, frozen ice with syrup or any frozen desserts and invite your friends for treats!

AZ Boutique also provides you with other kitchen tools such as pans, knives, blender, grill pans, bakeware gadgets, glassware items, flatware items, bowls, colander, spatula, whisks, jars, insulated bottles, wooden trays, peeler, strainers, scissors, can-opener, cutting-board, grater, timers, thermometer and many more kitchen products useful in your daily life.


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