Pie server

The pie server, cake server or wedding cake knife is a kitchen utensil which exudes yesteryear’s charm , and yet... it has never been so trendy !

In a professional serving set, this kitchen tool is classified as a pastry utensil. The pie or dessert server is a service cutlery composed of a handle which is connected to a flat triangular part (a kind of wide blade) whose both sides are sharp so that the famous quiche or pie, can be cut and served without damaging them.

Pie server or cake spatula : the stainless steel utensils essential for serving your pies or pieces of cake

Indeed, pies generally have a crispy and flaky texture which must be handled with care during slicing and service. Whether called a pie server, cake spatula, cake shovel or even wedding cake knife the triangular shape of the "blade" of this flatware fits perfectly into the shape of a "piece" of pie or cake. The ergonomic handle and the sharp blade allow you to cut and serve your pie pieces cleanly. It is called "shovel" because like the various shovels, it allows you to grasp the desired food in the same way as a lambda shovel.

To cut and serve your savoury or sweet tarts with style, tablescaping enthusiasts and pie lovers recommend pampering your desserts and artisan cakes to present them in the most beautiful way possible : with taste, know-how and distinction. The pie server, this real goldsmith's piece made of stainless steel is perfectly adapted for this use.

Guy Degrenne, Amefa, Mepra stainless steel pastry server : which one to choose ?

Pie or cake servers are usually made of stainless steel or plastic. At AZ Boutique, you will find pie or cake servers in shiny, matt or mirror polished stainless steel with a professional quality finish from the Guy Degrenne, Mepra, Amefa, Chef & Sommelier, Couzon or Paderno brands for your greatest pleasure, for wedding or any other reception. Steel is a state-of-the-art, durable, easy-to-maintain and meets the food hygiene standards.

Serve your pies with style and ease with our range of dessert servers !

In this era of culinary versatility and dare, pie and all its variants have never been so successful ! The quiche lorraine , for example : this true family culinary tradition has become popular throughout the world. This salty tart from the Lorraine region of eastern France, made from shortcrust or puff pastry topped with a device (made from eggs and fresh cream) and bacon, to which cheese is sometimes added, now has many variations. In reality, "pie" is really an institution in the world of pastry making. This dough-based culinary dish with a topping can be declined infinitely : it can be salty or sweet. Did you know that pizza is certainly the most famous of all salty pies ?

In summary, the pie is also called tart, quiche, various sweet pies, fruit pie, chocolate pie or mini tarts. In the French-speaking part of Switzerland, a pie is called a "cake". In reality, a cake is a pastry made from a sugar dough containing flour, eggs and butter. It is necessary to be well equipped with the right pastry utensils for the preparation and serving of cakes or pies such as good pie or cake moulds, serving dishes, serving cutlery and the traditional dessert cutlery for tasting.

Order here your model of pie server, cake spatula or wedding cake knife for the pleasure of an extraordinary tasting experience!

  • Made of plastic, stainless steel 18/0 or 18/10
  • with unique designs
  • of various sizes (from about 20 cm to 25 cm)
  • It is a whole range of dishwasher safe commercial-quality dessert servers that are available in our shop!

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