Copper saucepan

Complete your kitchenware with the range of copper saucepans set rigorously selected by AZ-Boutique, your online kitchen equipment store. Used by our predecessors, the copper saucepan is a cooking utensil with a very vintage charm that is both elegant and effective for cooking your favourite dishes!

Ideal for both high and low temperature cooking, the copper saucepan is one of the most popular kitchen items! Indeed, this cooking equipment has many advantages!

Why choose a copper saucepan?

  • Food hygiene : Copper has natural antibacterial properties, a real asset for your copper utensils. Hence, it can be used for personal use at home of by Chefs or professionals without any risk or fear of food contamination.
  • Exceptional conductivity : Equipped with excellent thermal conductivity (after silver, copper is the second best metal conductor), the copper saucepan heats up easily, regardless of the cooking method, and allows heat to be distributed throughout the entire cooking process. A quality that is highly appreciated in the Horeca industry. This homogeneous diffusion of heat causes your dishes and sauces to simmer for hours without any risk of calcination or thermal decomposition. Cook your meal within a few minutes in this type of container!
  • An undeniable charm : Do you want to blow a retro-chic wind with a 50's charm on your kitchen? Copper cookware is a must! You can combine pot, roasting dish, can opener, spatula, jug, pot, saucepan, basin, Italian coffee maker, nonstick cookware set or copper strainer with a cast iron pot, cast iron pot or cast iron or cast aluminium teapot to complete the vintage look. Don't hesitate to go hunting in the flea markets for a 100% vintage kitchen decoration.

What about the compatibility of the copper saucepan?

Pots made entirely of copper are compatible with all hobs except induction (gas hob, ceramic glass and electric hobs). On the other hand, due to the growing popularity of the induction plate, more and more copper pans and pots are equipped with a stainless steel bottom, which gives them full compatibility with all types of hobs including induction.

To ensure that a utensil is induction compatible, it is essential that the surface that comes into contact with your plate contains a percentage of iron. To make sure you simply need to stick a magnet on the bottom of your pan and if it hangs on it, your utensil is induction compatible.

Tinning: a key step towards food security

It is obvious that you need to consider well before buying a copper saucepan coated with an additional material such as tin. This process called tin plating consists of covering the utensil with a layer of tin on the bottom. There is also the copper pan with a stainless steel interior to benefit from the advantages of both components. Thus, the cooking of your dishes can be done in complete peace of mind without any fear of the copper mixture in contact with acidic foods!

How to maintain your copper pans and pots set ?

Easy to maintain and clean, the copper pan is regularly washed with lemon, white vinegar or baking soda to prevent it from developing green-grey spots! However, avoid rubbing and scouring the copper saucepan with abrasive sponges! They could damage your pan!

Pro quality saucepan, stainless steel/bi-material copper saucepans, red copper saucepans, stone effect copper saucepan, Ibili saucepan: discover our most beautiful copper utensils on AZ Boutique!

On AZ Boutique, make the most of a wide range of copper saucepans of different sizes to meet your needs: 14cm, 16cm, 24cm and 28cm. Ideal for cooking simmered dishes, the copper saucepan (with lid) is also perfect for simmering dishes such as the pot au feu or for delicious fruit jams!

The copper saucepan has always been an essential cooking utensil, the one that is passed down from generation to generation. If you are looking for this type of material, know that you have come to the right place! AZ Boutique offers exceptional copper saucepans and other pans including two-material copper/stainless steel pots and pans compatible with all types of hobs including induction!

You will also find on our website professional and private kitchen equipment and other copper utensils combining aesthetics and durability. Come and discover other items like sauté pan, pan for your small blinis, grill pan, fry pans, pot, frying pan, 24cm or 20cm copper pots, steamer, stockpot, griddle, sauce pans, steel pans, skillets, paella pan, dutch ovens, casseroles, grill pans, cake pans, cooktops, crepe pan and many other must-have utensils. To avoid splashing when cooking your small dishes, you can find kitchen utensils, glass lids or stainless steel covers in our shop.

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