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An indispensable kitchen utensil in any cookware set, the lid made of glass, stainless steel, cast aluminum, porcelain or even plastic can cover cooking utensils such as saucepans, frying pans, pots, casseroles and many others. The advantages of this kitchen accessory are numerous: it allows you to cook safely by avoiding splashes, to protect the food from any undesirable particles and also to carry out various types of cooking (stewing at low temperature for example).

Characteristics of the lids

The most commonly used or sought after lids in both the professional and domestic kitchen are those made of glass or stainless steel. Generally round in shape, the lids have several diameters and sizes to fit your different containers. This kitchen accessory is also made with a stopper or handle on top to make it ergonomic.

It is also advantageous to prioritize stainless steel and clear glass lids, as these are dishwasher safe.

However, there are several shapes and models of lids depending on the type of use you want. Here are some examples:

    The perforated lid: it facilitates the evacuation of steam or dripping.

    The anti-splash lid: prevents splashes and burns.

The non-perforated lid: allows you to heat the contents of the container more quickly by concentrating the heat, in order to simmer at low heat or simply to conserve heat.

Lid for gastronomic containers

Used in the professional environment, the gastronomy containers also require lids to protect the food.

The containers are made of polypropylene or stainless steel. These containers are very practical for storing raw or cooked food in the refrigerator on the one hand, and for displaying various culinary preparations on the other. Thus, for the preservation of freshness and protection of prepared dishes, it is essential to cover them.

The hermetic lid for stainless steel gastro containers is also very popular for its ability to protect food during transportation.

To be even more effective, some lids even have a notch that allows the serving spoon to remain in the tray.

Due to the stability of the lids for gourmet trays, you can easily stack them to save space.

Select your lids on AZ Boutique

AZ Boutique is the ideal website to buy all your kitchen utensils. For your cookware, discover a good variety of lids that will fit your pots, pans and saucepans. We particularly offer glass and stainless steel lids from major brands such as Paderno, Lacor and Ibili.

Of professional quality and durability, you will find the anti-projection lid, non-perforated, perforated, as well as lids for gastronom containers.

Everything is available on the website to meet our customers’ requirements : choice, superiority and good value for money.

Utensils and kitchen items for your different cooking needs

Cooking is not only a question of recipes, but also of the containers used for cooking. Cook pleasantly and efficiently using the right utensils !

That's why AZ Boutique has found it necessary to offer a wide range of utensils to cook all kinds of dishes. Pots, frying pans, casseroles, stewpots, woks, bowls, drinkware, straws, mugs, cookware sets, tumblers, canning lids, bakeware, sauté pans, pressure cookers, grills, stackable bowls, plastic lids, food-storage items, hot drinks glassware, cold drinks glassware, flask, disposable kitchenware, bottle lid, oven-safe bowls and plates, jar seals, insulated tumbler, reusable jars, glass bottles, glassware, travel tumbler, water bottles, deep fryers, as well as non-stick cookware or cast iron cookware or casseroles, stainless steel cookware, ceramic cookware, nonstick cookware, gasket, plastic containers, shaker, cutlery, glass pots, glass jars, cup lids, canning jars, dispenser, saute pan, fry pan, roaster, ovens, find everything you need for your daily use.

Silicone being very popular for some time, AZ Boutique also offers many kitchen accessories made from this material.

Cast iron, ceramic, stainless steel or all types of cookware including induction, choose the kitchen equipment that suits you best !

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