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Whipped Cream Dispenser

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The whipped cream dispenser, a useful utensil for your kitchen which includes a cartridge or cleaning brush is used to make creams, mousses, whipped cream and verrine recipes for starters and aperitifs.

AZ Boutique sells Lacor brand best whipped cream dispensers used to make whipped creams and foams, sweet or savoury that is suitable only for cold preparations.

With a kitchen cream dispenser having a capacity of 50cl for example, you can make up to 2 litres of whipped cream at one go.

Many people have adopted the professional cream dispenser in cooking, because this cooking equipment enables you to save a lot of time in the making of pastries and other dishes requiring a light or smooth foam.

Professional whipped cream dispenser and cream canisters to make the best cream recipes ?

How to use a whipped cream dispenser ? Even if its use is very simple, several details must be respected while using a cream whipper. To begin, make sure that the gasket is in the head of the dispenser, aim the tip at the head, then pour the whole sweet or savoury cream into the dispenser. Afterwards, place the charger in the cartridge holder and add the gas canister and remove it as soon as the gas is in. Shake vigorously and finally press the lever by placing the bottle in a horizontal position and whip it to turn your cream into foam. You can also make soft peaks or stiff peaks depending on the types of recipes you wish to make.

Some dispensers are specially designed for cold preparations while others for both cold and hot preparations. Make sure to choose the right equipment.

Master a whipped cream, a raspberry mousse or a chocolate mousse with this cookware which is a real pleasure.

What is a whipped cream charger ?

A whipped cream charger which is also called a whippit, whippet, nossy, nang or Johnson is a steel cylinder or cartridge which contains nitrous oxide (N2O). The nitrous oxide gas is used as a whipping agent in a whipped cream dispenser. The narrow end of a charger has a foil covering which is broken to release the gas which is usually done by a sharp pin inside the whipped cream dispenser. The associated kitchen appliance which receives the charger is commonly known as a whipping siphon.

Maintenance of the whipped cream dispenser and its siphons

When cleaning a cream whipper, you need to protect it and yourself by observing the following:

  • Do not scrub the small gaskets on the pressure valve stick too harshly, as this can cause damage
  • Do not use stainless steel cleaners or any other abrasive cleaning chemicals.
  • Do not remove the pressure valve stick while the bottle is still charged with the nitrous oxide.

Verrines and mousse recipes with the whipped cream dispenser

Embellish your verrines with the help of the different sockets to make various decorations, such as a beautiful flower with heavy cream or vanilla whipped cream.

On AZ Boutique, you will find seafood or fruit verrines as well as a variety of recipe books for sweet and savoury verrines and espumas to inspire you.

In addition, AZ Boutique also offers beautiful glass or plastic verrines in round, square, cup, pyramid and other unique and modern shapes to present your culinary preparations by bringing aesthetics to your table.

Very trendy, the verrines are absolutely perfect for table decoration during parties. Imagine an arrangement of colourful verrines filled with a cream foam or whipped cream delicately made using the cream maker, a real delight for the eyes!

The verrine is one of the most appreciated recipes nowadays, so don't hesitate to give way to your imagination to delight your family and guests by tasting mousses and creams with unique flavours, such as espumas, which is a light mousse made from fruit, vegetables, foie gras or cheese and served as a starter or dessert.

A magic trick : transform cream into foam with the best whipped cream dispenser !

Several types of fresh cream can be made with the cream whippers namely custard cream, pastry cream, dark or white chocolate cream, hot and cold cream, coconut cream, vanilla extract cream and many other delicious creams.

Cooking in a siphon is still fun. It is a real pleasure to make a homemade whipped cream, a fruit mousse or a tagada strawberry mousse yourself like a professional chef. Feel free to use the dispenser when preparing homemade cappuccino (or frothy coffee cream) as well.

This kitchen tool paves the way to a varied and modern cuisine, get your apron on and try your cream recipe to get the best whip ! You can also make the most of other items like dinnerware, bakeware, cutleries and glassware on AZ Boutique.

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