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Fondue pot

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Like the traditional raclette machine, the pierrade or the pancake maker, the fondue pot allows you to spend a friendly moment with family or friends. In the first days of winter, there is nothing better than a meeting around a meal while sharing a fondue together. There are several types of fondue with different ingredients (cheese, meat, vegetables, fish and even chocolate). The most popular are cheese fondues, Burgundy fondues, chocolate fondues and various Chinese fondues.

The fondue pot is the ultimate user-friendly cooking utensil for melting these foods. Also known as a fondue set, the fondue pot has a particular appearance. It consists of 3 main elements:

  • The fondue pot or caquelon : Also called a pan, the caquelon is a kind of enamelled pan with a handle or handles usually made of cast iron or terracotta. The caquelon can also have a non-stick interior coating.
  • The support : The stand, or base, is useful to support the pot and it is usually made of metal. The heat source is placed in the stand or above.
  • The heat source : Different heat sources like the candle heater, fondue burner or electric stove must be placed under the cauldron to cook or keep food warm. The heating time will vary depending on the type of fondue and the type of material.

The fondue pot is often supplied with forks designed for tasting: 3-tooth forks (fondue forks) for cheese fondue and 2-tooth for Burgundy fondue. They are called fondue skewers. The fondue pot, stand, heat source and spikes make up a complete fondue set. The electric fondue pot is very practical and easy to use.

What to do with fondue pots and what are the different types of fondues?

Cheese-based fondues

Cheese fondue, this culinary speciality of Swiss origin, is now the country's national dish with raclette. This dish made with one or more cheese is best served hot. Simply melt cheese and enjoy it with pieces of bread. It first became popular in the second half of the 18th century in Switzerland, and then spread to France and Italy in the 1950s. Thus, there are several cheese fondue specialities that differ according to the terroir of origin and the cheese that it is made of.

The most famous Swiss fondues are certainly the fribourgeoise fondue (made of 100% vacherin fribourgeoise), the Swiss fondue (50% Gruyère and 50% Vacherin) or the Appenzell fondue (with Appenzeller cheese)

In France, there is the Savoyard cheese fondue (made up of Beaufort cheese) and the comté cheese fondue, while in Italy, the cheese fondues are made with Fontina cheese from the Aosta Valley.

Depending on the food and wine pairing, the cheese fondue is usually served with a good white wine! White wine is often an integral part of the preparation of processed cheese.

Meat fondues

The fondue bourguignon (meat fondue) is made with pieces of raw beef meat in hot oil (flavoured and spiced) and it is served with sauces (mayonnaise, Burgundy sauce, tartare or béarnaise). Contrary to what one might think, it comes from Switzerland and not from France. It is called Burgundy because the meat originally used was Charolais beef from Burgundy.

Red wine fondue: Pieces of beef cooked in red wine. As you may have guessed, this fondue is of French origin.

Sukiyaki or shabu-shabu: Japanese beef fondues dipped in hot broth.

Fish, vegetables and meat fondues

All Chinese fondues: Certainly the most digestible and least caloric are made with fish, little meat and vegetables cooked in a broth. The food is accompanied by a sauce. There is a large number of Chinese fondues. We can mention the famous Chongqing fondue, the Sichuanese, the Cantonese or the Mongolian fondue among many others.

The chocolate fondue

The principle is to melt dark chocolate and dip fruit pieces, cakes or marshmallows in it for a mouth-watering dessert! You can use a chocolate fondue fountain, an electric water bath or double boiler as well as a chocolate fountain display (a utensil halfway between the pan and the champagne fountain) to enjoy it. For receptions, weddings, in master chocolate makers (chocolatiers) shop windows, the chocolate fondue fountain will certainly add a plus to your events or your meals with friends!

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