When cutting with knives are not very helpful, a good pair of kitchen shears always come to the rescue! Be it a chef in a 5-star restaurant cutting poultry or everyday moms and dads opening a package for their kids, AZ Boutique offers you a wide range of kitchen shears with stainless steel blade to make your work in the kitchen easier. Some kitchen scissors often have an extremely sharp blade, which allows you to cut many types of foods easily. Many models are therefore equipped with locking wheels for secure cutting.

This kitchen tool also has the advantage of being multi-purpose. It is essential in your cookware but also, the universal scissors we offer, for example, can be used to cut vegetables and fruit, as herb scissors to cut fresh herbs, to peel a fruit or vegetable, as can opener, as nut cracker and even as bottle opener with the help of the robust handles of the scissors. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Kitchen shears: A sheer pleasure for professionals and amateur chefs if you get the right one for your kitchen!

Universal kitchen scissors

Kitchen scissors allow you to have perfect cuts in a uniform and effortless way. Cut your herbs precisely to preserve their aroma or you can even use a vegetable cutter with these scissors. The universal scissors are versatile and suitable for professional kitchen use. As mentioned above, universal scissors can have different functions that are not limited to cutting. It is therefore important to know before buying scissors whether they are dedicated to a very specific use such as cutting poultry or even pizzas. AZ Boutique offers several styles: black to keep it simple, red to bring a little pep to the kitchen or stainless steel scissors to ensure quality for professionals and we have even thought of the lefties! The universal scissors we offer on the site are also suitable for left-handed people, unlike most commercial scissors that are mainly suitable for right-handed people. 

Poultry shears

Poultry scissors that allow you to cut or to bone poultry are robust because boning requires you to apply a high pressure on your utensil. They also differ from non-specific kitchen scissors because the blade is rounded and serrated. Cutting will be very precise, easy and clean. Poultry scissors are a kitchen utensil that allows you to present a professional quality dish!

Pizza scissor

Pizza scissors are specially designed to perfectly cut pizza into slices. With its sharp blade, cutting is faster, more efficient and clearer. It is one of the most popular cooking items among pizza lovers.

Knife block set

AZ Boutique also have kitchen scissors on our website that are sold in a block or set of kitchen knives. The knife set block can contain a Japanese knife, a cutting knife, a paring knife, a chef's knife, a bread knife, a kitchen knife or even a steak knife and of course kitchen scissors. A knife block set acts as a safe storage for very sharp knives.


The best kitchen shears are sharp, high quality material and multi-functional; but how to properly maintain your kitchen scissors?

The similarity of all the scissors mentioned is mainly for the sharpness of the stainless steel blades providing a precise cut. They are equipped with ergonomic handles for good grips and a for greater manoeuvrability. However, it is necessary to properly maintain these kitchen accessories. Generally, it is not advisable to put scissors in the dishwasher. It is better to rinse them with a little dishwashing liquid and wipe them with a soft cloth. The scissors must always be dry.

You can also choose a scissor holder or use your knife block if you already have one to place your scissors in. It will also avoid potential domestic accidents if you have children running around the house.

Finally, if you use kitchen scissors for cutting food, avoid using the scissors for any purpose other than cooking, such as cutting plants or to cut paper. First, it can reduce the sharpening of the knife and second, it increases the risk of contamination by bacteria. Finally, to sharpen the scissors, simply use a knife sharpener.

Discover our range of stainless steel cooking scissors and professional kitchen tools on AZ-boutique!

AZ Boutique provides you various cutting tools from the famous Victorinox brand: Santoku knives, utility knife, Swiss army knife, steak knives, Japanese knives, cheese knives, chef knives, fillet knives and many more

From appetizer to dessert, make masterpieces using kitchen scissors and always remember, never run with scissors!

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