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Japanese knife

Are you looking for the best Japanese kitchen knife? AZ boutique offers you a wide range of Arcos and Victorinox knives, famous manufacturers of high-quality professional kitchen knives.

Explore your culinary talents in the kitchen with our exceptional Japanese knives: Santoku, Deba, Nakiri knives... harder and sharper, with a long-lasting sharpening blade, Japanese knives have the reputation of being the best knives of the world. Actually, they allow you to make perfect cuts to bring out the taste of all your food as in the pure tradition of Japanese cuisine.

Do you know the origins of the Japanese knife?

It is necessary to go back to the ancient traditions of the Japanese forge to understand its evolution and the reason for its ultra-sharp blade.  Japanese knives have their origins in the tradition of the Japanese sword: the samurai sword and katana, the weapons of samurai, no less than that! Sharp, hard, easy to handle, Japanese blacksmiths had learned to forge ultra-resistant and efficient blades. Later, when the Japanese government banned the production of katanas, the blacksmiths began to produce kitchen knives to which they applied the same manufacturing techniques, the Japanese style kitchen knife was born with its inimitable edge! A real artistic gem and a pillar of Japanese culinary culture!

How to choose a Japanese knife? Discover the different models and culinary uses

 Ideal for cutting all kinds of food, the Japanese chef's knife is an essential tool in the preparation of your daily dishes. This type of knife is used to cut meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. With very traditional lines, knives also combine style and efficiency, and today there is a wide variety of Japanese knife models.

The Santoku Japanese knife with its long, tapered and slightly curved blade is a multi-purpose knife for slicing, chopping and cutting food. This Japanese universal all-purpose knife is used for all types of cooking tasks.

The Nakiri Knife with its high and wide rectangular blade, 14 to 18 cm long, is ideal for cutting fruit and vegetables, it is ideal for slicing onions and all kinds of vegetables. Its large flat blade allows you to cut vegetables and fruit and acts as a small shovel.

The Deba knife is used for cutting meat and lifting fish fillets (e. g. sole fillet, sea bream, salmon, trout). Its blade is about 22cm long, its handle is quite heavy and allows you to have a good grip.  There is also the Udon Kiri for the cutting of Japanese pasta and knives especially for certain types of fish and the cutting of sashimi such as Unagisaki, Oroshi or Maguro.

Arcos and Victorinox Japanese knife technology

 The Arcos Maître or Universal Japanese knife offers a good grip with its ergonomic Polyoxymethylene (POM) handle that is adapted to the shape of the hand giving it a great ease. Made of Nitrum, a high-quality stainless steel, the blades of these Japanese knives guarantee durability. Nitrum is a new nitrogen steel formula that guarantees greater hardness, cutting power and durability of the knife wire.

With its long, sharp and slightly curved stainless-steel blade, Victorinox Swiss Classic, Rosewood or Arcos Riviera knives allow you to cut with a pendulum effect like a regular chef's knife. The Japanese knife is therefore useful for working with precision (finely chisel aromatic herbs, cut vegetables or meat into small cubes).

The blade can be smooth or wavy depending on the model. During cutting, the corrugated blade of the Arcos Riviera and Victorinox Grand Maître knives made of stainless steel or Nitrum allows air to cut through the blade and the food, thus facilitating slicing and reducing the adherence of this food to the blade.

Don't worry about rust or corrosion problems anymore because the blades are made entirely of stainless steel, and your riveted Japanese knife models too.

Thanks to Japanese knives, cutting your food becomes a real pleasure! Choose a quality and efficient Japanese knife at an affordable price from our Knife section.  The kitchen knives sold by AZ Boutique are essential in any professional kitchen and ensure a good grip whatever their size: multipurpose knife, slicing knife such as cheese knife or tomato knife, steak knives, bread knife, paring knife, salmon knife, swiss army knife, boning or sticking knife and even complete kitchen knives set... the whole range of kitchen cutlery awaits you in our Knives section. Discover also our other kitchen accessories made for butchers, fishmongers, restaurateur, chefs and amateur cooks: wooden or polypropylene cutting board, knife sharpener, peeler, grater, spatula, woks, timers and thermometers for precision in cooking, cutlery set and a large variety of efficient kitchen tools

To ensure durability, we recommend that you follow the recommendations for use and maintenance of your knives and use a good sharpener suitable for your Japanese chef knife.

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