Chardonnay glass

Soft Chardonnay, sparkling Chardonnay or table Chardonnay, make your choice! For an optimal tasting of this type of aromatic white wine, choose the wine glass that will allow it to reveal all its aromas. Chardonnay glass has a wide, rounded base and a narrow upper part. This specific shape allows a good oxygenation of the white wine in order to better perceive its aromas compared to a large wine glass. Enjoy your favourite wine in the right glass that will reveal all its nobility and make your tastings of great white wines or champagne from Chardonnay a pure moment of bliss! Select the best Chardonnay wine glasses that will offer you the best tastings on AZ Boutique.

Before choosing the right Chardonnay wine glass, let us know more about the origin of this white wine variety rich in aromas.

Chardonnay white wines come from the most famous French white grape variety in the world, originating from Burgundy. This grape variety produces refined white wines with fruity notes such as almond, hazelnut, acacia or citrus fruits when the wine is still young. Chardonnay B is the 8th most planted grape variety in the world and is the result of the crossing of two grape varieties: Pinot Noir and Gouais. In France, this type of grape represents about 6% of the total French vineyard. It is mainly found in Burgundy and Champagne. It is used to produce white wines but also sparkling wines.

Grown in the major wine-growing regions, the Chardonnay grape variety is used in the composition of certain sparkling wines such as certain champagnes, such as the white of Blancs, which is mainly made from the Chardonnay grape variety. It is a good sparkling wine that is particularly appreciated for its finesse and fruity aromas.

Accompany your dishes with a good glass of chardonnay fine wine to please your taste buds!

Chardonnay wines with their many aspects are perfect with dishes such as roasted pork, veal sweetbreads, braised veal sweetbreads, scallops, lobster, grilled lobster, smoked fish, poultry and white meat among others. It should be noted that from one region to another, from one appellation to another, from one bottle to another, all chardonnays are different in terms of their aromatic expressions. For the pleasure of its greatest tasters, here are our suggestions for some specific food and wine pairings for Chardonnay according to the different terroirs such as:

  • Chardonnay de Limoux: to accompany  a puff pastry pie.
  • Anjou Chardonnay: to accompany omelettes.
  • Arbois Chardonnay: for the veal filet mignon dish with morels.
  • Cotes du Jura Chardonnay: the perfect accompaniment to starters such as mixed salads.
  • Vin de pays d'OC Chardonnay: an effervescent wine suitable for grilled fish, aperitifs, desserts, fresh fruit, shellfish or seafood.
  • Macon Chardonnay blanc: a wine that goes well with spring rolls of chicken, goat cheese, Maconnais cheese, cabretin, Burgundy potato, veal head in a green sauce.

What is the ideal temperature for serving white wines from the Chardonnay grape variety? Please note that the best operating temperature is between 11 and 14° C; and for even more pleasure, offer your guests unique oenological tastings by providing your guests with wine glasses specially designed for chardonnay wines.

Chardonnay glassware, Chef & Sommelier wine glass, white wine glass or champagne flute, make your choice on AZ Boutique with our selection of great glasses for the best wine tasting experience!

Chef & Sommelier, Arcoroc, Royal Leerdam, La Rochère and Schott Zwiesel are the wine glass brands available at AZ Boutique. For chardonnay wine, discover a wide range of glasses suitable for domestic, professional, for special occasions: Schott Zwiesel crystal chardonnay glass or Arcoroc simple chardonnay glass, choose on AZ boutique among the largest selection of chardonnay glasses, essential for tasting your white wine.

Among our models, we have chosen to present you the 25 cl white wine glass from the Grands vines range of Chef & Sommelier which is ideal for tasting a chardonnay wine. Refined with a rounded gob, this glass will offer you the pleasure of a unique tasting experience with each use. This is a model from our selection to discover when tasting your favourite white wines. These glasses are also the perfect gift to give to any wine lover.

To make your evenings more enjoyable, discover our beautiful variety of champagne flutes and champagne glasses, which are characterised by their finesse, modernity and robustness. The best way is to let yourself be seduced by our range of glassware, perfect for all occasions. Taste, appreciate and rediscover Chardonnay wines with the glasses designed for them.

For an outstanding wine service, you can also find our specific glasses and other types of wine glasses: Burgundy wine glass, Sauvignon Blanc wine glass, Riesling wine glass, Pinot Noir glasses, red wine glasses, martini glasses, stemless wine glasses, glass set, tumblers, wine tumblers & wine goblets, crystal glasses, cocktail glasses and even liqueur glasses in our Glassware category and all our wine accessories and sommelier boxes in our Barware category such as wine aerator, ice bucket or wine decanter.



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