Plastic goblet

Welcome to our category dedicated to plastic cups. Birthday parties, weddings, christenings: plastic cups are always there! There are all types of plastic goblets to suit the needs of individuals as well as the catering industry. 

Find our beautiful range of plastic cups: disposable or reusable plastic clear cups, or even plastic cups with lids, it's up to you to choose the perfect plastic cups for all your events!

Why choose the disposable plastic cup?

A Moana or Avengers theme? You will find disposable plastic cups with the theme you are looking for your events. For the service of your drinks, choose party cups with or without lids. The disposable plastic cup is the star of the party!

What are the advantages of using disposable plastic cups or goblets?

  • Inexpensive: Disposable cups are cheaper than reusable cups. You will always find these cups on sale in batches of 100 or 50 at an extremely low price. This is a great way to save money if you are planning a party.
  • Single-use disposable cups: After use, simply throw them away. Perfect glasses for fast food or events. You forget about the constraints. Be careful, however, to send your disposable glasses for recycling to limit your impact on the environment.
  • No maintenance: With a plastic glass, no need to wash them! Just throw them in the dedicated plastic bin and they will be on their way to recycling.

It is very important to think about recyclable products for your plastic objects. Disposable products are certainly very useful and reliable, but if you want to protect the environment and reduce plastic waste, prefer to opt for reusable ones!

The reusable cup - the future of the plastic cup

There are several types of reusable plastic cups on the market. On AZ Boutique’s website, we offer a wide range of polycarbonate cups to bring a trendy look to your parties. Ideal for both hot and cold drinks, polycarbonate is lighter and more resistant than glass. So if you are clumsy and you drop your glasses on the floor, don't worry, it is an unbreakable plastic.

By using reusable cups, you are safe from bacteria. Unlike disposable cups, reusable cups are washable and you can disinfect them properly for the next use. Moreover, by opting for reusable plastic, you are opting for an ecological planet by producing less waste.

We are all certainly familiar with the famous Coca Cola beverage and its famous advertising glass with the brand name written on it. The glass is a product that many people like to collect. It exists in all colours with different capacities on our website: blue, red, green, gold, silver, transparent or even black. Companies such as Coca Cola use reusable polycarbonate cups to promote their brand image. The customised cup is a good commercial asset that is useful to the consumer. In addition, if the cups have lids, the use becomes more pleasant.

There are also reusable plastic verrines, cups and champagne flutes on the market, some are even compostable, which allow you to celebrate an event properly without spending too much money at the caterer's or in the rental of crockery. With a bit of imagination, it's done! Your fruit juices, cocktails or champagne will be admirably served in a reusable glass service!

Our tip of the day: go from disposable to durable

Go straight from disposable to durable! Plastic cups that are biodegradable or compostable have more advantages if you think about the future of the planet. However, for a child's birthday party, if the Little Mermaid theme is there for example, opt for personalized disposable cups. Less expensive, they will be perfect for small, one-off events. But if you have a choice for your big events, think organic and green for the environment!

Discover also on AZ Boutique our other ecological, biodegradable and recyclable products such as our cardboard cups, polypropylene dishes, biodegradable straws, disposable coffee cups, clear plastic cups, plastic tableware, drinking cups, recyclable plates, plastic tumblers, bamboo trays, double-walled glasses, espresso cups, recyclable coffee cups and many others. Among other items that are available on our website, you shall find napkins, paper coffee cups, tumblers, cutlery, cup lids, straw, paper plates, coffee-cup, mugs, plastic plates, food containers, glassware, platters, tea cups, wine-glass, ice cream cups, dinner plates, dessert plates, plastic containers, plastic dinnerware, plastic spoons, insulated cups and so on. Come and make your choice !

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