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The wine pitcher is a glassware container, with a slightly tightened neck, a handle and a spout sometimes. Pour your wine, sangria or even margaritas with style with your wine pitcher: the perfect serveware for your festive gatherings!

The glass wine pitcher, the trendy drinkware of the moment

Undoubtedly one of the most modern wine accessories, the wine pitcher is ideal for all kind of wines, especially for your red or white wines! The wine pitcher is definitely one of the most retro wine accessories which however manage to have a modern flair! Ideal to glam up your table decoration, the wine dispenser is a table top which will certainly give a rather classic style to your festive table! With a design easily identifiable, the wine pitcher serves as a wine decanter or wine aerator! The wine aerator helps to promote the oxygenation of your beverage to release aromas and grape varieties of the wine whereas the wine decanter is used to remove sediments of old wines. Moreover, you will notice that after aerating your wine, all the aromas are released, and the taste is less tannic. Whether red wine, white wine or very young wine, your wine pitcher will only sublimate it!

Choose the right wine pitcher for an excellent restaurant or home service

 However, the wine carafe does not replace the wine decanter and keeps the wine service as its main use. For this reason, the wine pitcher can also be used with rosé wines. Yet, it is not recommended to use it with sparkling wines such as champagne, where you risk losing their sparkling colours. You should also know that there are pitchers with ice cubes reserve to refresh your wine without altering its taste since the ice cubes will not melt in your beverage.

Some advice about wine service, aeration and decantation

 It should be noted that the tasting of young wines is done in a special way. Indeed, it is advisable to get a wide base wine pitcher with a narrow neck.

As for the consumption of old wines, you should choose a narrow pitcher, to avoid excessive oxygenation of the wine before being served, because, although very elegant, old wines are very fragile and too much oxygenation could destabilize it. Present in the centre of your table, the wine pitcher is an essential element for all food and wine pairings.

Even if it is above all a matter of taste, red wines such as Pinot Noir, Merlot or Burgundy wines are best served with red meat, while whites such as Chardonnay are best served with fish.

Dessert wines, which are sweeter will go perfectly with your sweet dishes or desserts.

For a unique wine taste, choose for your home bar the right glasses and bar tools: wine stopper, crystal glass, tumblers, stemware, decanter set, bottle opener, stemless wine glasses and modern or vintage glass.

The wine pitcher is also a perfect gift for wine lovers.

Our advice for the maintenance and choice of your wine pitcher

 Be careful: remember to rinse your glass pitcher as soon as you change the types of wine. Ideally, even if it is a wine of the same type, it is always preferable to clean the pitcher each time the bottle of wine is changed so as not to mix the aromas contained in particular in the tannin deposit.

Glass wine pitcher, hand blown pitcher, crystalline pitcher: discover our broad range of accessories dedicated to the wine enthusiasts

 In mechanical glass, crystalline glass or hand blown glass, different sizes of wine carafes are available on AZ Boutique for your barware, tableware and restaurant supply store. From the smallest (25cl) to the largest (2 Liter) and intermediate sizes such as 50ml, 750ml and 1 Liter jugs, you will inevitably find the right wine pitcher on our shelves from Chef & Sommelier, Luigi bormioli or Bormioli Rocco brands.

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