Wine opener set

IAre you looking for the perfect gift for the holiday season?  We present you to the famous wine opener set! The wine set is the original gift for wine lovers, champagne lovers, sommeliers, oenologists, in short, all lovers of wine tastings.  You can even impress your wine enthusiast friends by using this box to open your bottles of wine like sommeliers!  White wines, red wines, Rose wines such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Chablis and various wines made from great white or red varieties such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon: Enjoy tasting these great wines with the wine opener set.  In these boxes, you will find all the accessories necessary for the service of wine: a corkscrew, a wine stopper, a wine thermometer, a pouring spout, an anti-drip ring, a small air extractor cap and in some boxes that AZ Boutique offers you, you will also find a foil cutter.  In this section, we will explain how to use these wine openers and wine accessories that will make you a true oenology expert.

The wine accessories – All you need to know about the know-how of the sommelier chefs!

  • The corkscrew/ the foil cutter

The corkscrew is a kind of screw with a small handle that is used to pull the corks out of the bottles. This small wine accessory also known as a bottle opener will help you easily open your wine bottle like a real expert. The capsule cutter/ foil cutter is a small wine bottle opener tool that allows, as its name suggests, to easily and quickly cut the cork that covers the caps of wine bottles. Place it around the cap, apply a little pressure and turn it so that the blades can cut the capsule. This allows a better presentation of your wine bottle.

  • The thermometer

In order to taste the aromas of wines, it is essential to know the correct serving temperature of the wine. You will certainly not be able to enjoy the qualities of wine if it is served too hot or too cold. With the help thermometers in the wine box, you will be able to know the exact temperature of your wine in order to serve it in the best conditions. The low temperatures prevent the aromas from expressing themselves and the high temperatures make the alcohol too present: above 20°C, the alcohol begins to smother the aromas and the wine appears unbalanced. We can remember that a beautiful wine can generally withstand 2 to 4° more than a simple wine. This is how you can benefit from its complexity and richness. The same applies to aged wines.

  • The air extractor cap

You are alone in your wine cellar and you want to taste a good red wine, but you are afraid of not finishing the entire bottle? Do not worry about this anymore with this wine preserver! The air extractor cap seals your wine bottles perfectly to keep them safe for future use. The risk of oxidation is eliminated, and you can fully enjoy your wine without wasting it even if you are alone.

  • The pouring spout

The pouring spout simply prevents the liquid from spilling next to the bottle during service. So, no more messing around with a glass of wine and at the same time the service is done like a professional, so you do not lose a single drop of your precious wine with this wine stopper.

  • The anti-drip rings

Service is very important be it at your important parties or receptions. Just like the pouring spout that prevents wine from spilling out, the anti-drip ring prevents drops from flowing all the way through the bottle. Simply screw the ring onto the neck of the bottle and it absorbs the liquid. You will have a very clean tablecloth all night long.

Food and wine pairing: How to succeed the best combinations?


Like good food and cheese, wine is part of the French gastronomic heritage. In France there is a wide selection of wines from different vineyards where you can taste wines before buying them. Wine lovers will certainly tell you that a good meal never comes without a bottle of wine. So how to choose the wine that will enhance your meal? It is important to respect the pairing of food and wine combinations. For example, the intensity of the dishes in relation to the intensity of the wines.

Seafood is best served with a slightly acidic wine such as a light red wine or a white wine, white meats will go well with a rose wine, red meats with a smooth, gourmet and tannic red and for desserts a dry white wine or even a champagne will do perfectly well. Many other food and wine pairings exist, and it is really a rather subtle art. Of course, it's all about taste. Let your senses, your instinct and the little explanations behind the wine bottles guide you if you're not a great wine expert. All you must do is choose your wine according to the flavours you like to associate!

Find the best wine opener sets on AZ-boutique !


Would you like to offer a Christmas gift, a birthday gift or a Valentine's Day gift? Do not wait any longer and opt for this sommelier wine set which is the perfect gift set for a wine lover for exceptional wine tastings on all occasions: bottle stoppers, wine bottle openers! Discover also our other barware and glassware/stemware accessories for your home bar to enjoy your best wine or drink: wine decanter, wine aerator, wine chiller, can opener, beer bottle opener, carafe, ice bucket, bottle holder, cocktail shaker, cheese board, stem wine glass, stemless wine glasses, champagne glasses and champagne flutes and many more!

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