Drink Coasters

A drink coaster is a small accessory that seems to be ordinary, but it is actually very effective for several reasons. This kitchen tool is generally used on all occasions to protect the table as well as to decorate it. Drink coasters are made from materials such as cork, glass, felt, wood, bamboo, cardboard, slate, plastic, mosaic and wicker among others. Used for ages, coasters have found a priority place in our bar and kitchen accessories, both for professional and domestic use. More and more innovative, drink coasters are also an excellent gift idea.

Protect your wooded tables from liquids with the help of drink coasters!

We all know that guests have the annoying habit of putting their glasses everywhere and it becomes problematic when they are placed directly on the furniture without protection in a state of condensation. Water and other drinks are particularly damaging to wooden furniture if they are not cleaned quickly or in case of spillage. How to avoid this? Absolutely impossible! Therefore, coasters are indispensable during receptions or even at a dinner. By placing coasters in the places most frequented by your guests, they will use them automatically, and if they do not, you can always do it in their place. This small gesture will prevent ugly stains and scratches on your furniture, and they can even enhance your table decoration.

Choose original unique beverage coasters for the decoration of a beautiful table.

In order to bring a touch of originality to an aperitif moment, consider buying original coasters. The choice is vast, between the retro vintage look, modern, humorous and chic. As for the shapes, they vary between round, square, oval and abstract. As these small objects are aesthetically pleasing, combine the useful with the pleasant by arranging them in such a way as to create an original decoration to your table. Beautiful wine glasses, beer glasses or whisky glasses and decorative coasters, placed on a table for an aperitif, are more than enough to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Colourful and attractive, coasters with exotic fruit designs are perfect for outdoor parties. They are a nice addition to your cocktail glasses for example.

Nowadays, there are many ways to decorate your table. However, coasters are not given much importance, even though they are a customizable element. Some companies offer you the possibility to personalise your coasters with beautiful family photos or double-sided visuals to have nice photo coasters.



Have you ever tried making your own personalised custom coasters?

Looking for the perfect gift? During the festive season, if you want to offer low-cost, original and ecological gifts, think about personalized coasters made of crochet, wood, knitting, or cardboard.

Coasters made of cork, a child's play and so much fun to make:


Cork rings (but you can create shapes of your own preference)

White acrylic paint

Coloured paints according to your taste

Mini foam roller

Masking tape


Using the mini foam roller, apply the white colour on each area to be painted. Use the masking tape for a clean result. Remove the masking tape as you go, then let dry. Once the pieces are dry, apply the coloured paints according to the shapes you have previously created. To give a natural touch to your cork coasters, leave part of the surface in its original state. Your coasters are finally ready. Economical, simple to make and beautiful at the same time, these objects will not fail to seduce your guests and to please those whom you will offer these great gifts.

Apart from having the best drink coasters, discover the other kitchen accessories available on AZ Boutique!

AZ Boutique your tableware and restaurant supply store has everything you need for your kitchen and your home bar. Select among many the various beverage coasters provided on this website specialized in tableware for your personal and professional use. These table accessories that we offer guarantee quality and durability and are suitable for all types of events. To create beautiful tables during housewarming, parties, aperitifs and meals, find the following items: a large variety of drinkware, placemats, mugs, carafes and pitchers, square glass, cocktail glass, wine glass, whisky glass set, tumblers, cocktail glass, bottle opener, cutting board, ice bucket, cocktail shaker, straws, verrines, coaster set and napkins among others.

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