Olive and cherry pitter

AZ Boutique offers you different olive and cherry pitters to easily remove your olive or cherry pits. The stone pitter is a small kitchen appliance made mainly of stainless steel to guarantee resistance and solidity which is used to remove the stone from the fruit. Dénoyauteur comes from the verb dénoyauter which means to remove the pits from fruits such as cherry, olive, peach, mirabelle plum among others. Nowadays, pitting olives or cherries has never been so simple thanks to the pit remover!

AZ Boutique sells pitting machines of the Louis Tellier brand which is a French manufacturer of small kitchen equipment for catering professionals, caterers, as well as for individuals.

Pitting without damaging the fruit with the use of cherry pitter!

The stainless steel pitters on AZ Boutique are perfectly suited to pitting fruits, cherries, peach and olives without damaging them.

When you use your fingers to remove the stones from fruit, you already lose a lot of flesh, and it is not very easy to do so. As such, a genius idea was needed to facilitate this preliminary work in the kitchen: the pit remover was born!

This kitchen equipment/slicer is useful and saves a lot of time for those who use it. A great and simple recipe for the aperitif is the mini skewer of olives, feta, red grapes and sausages which can be made quickly if the olives are quickly pitted of course.

It's cherry season or you have some canned cherries and you want to prepare a clafoutis or cherry pie for a surprise visit from your loved ones? Don't worry, the cherry pitter will allow you to make a delicious pie very quickly.

Even if we often eat the fruit by removing the pits while eating, we must admit that it is so much more pleasant to eat without the pits, because we can take the time to appreciate their different flavours. The stainless steel pit remover is therefore an indispensable tool for lovers of fine cuisine and budding gourmets!

The cherry and olive pitter: an indispensable kitchen tool for the professional chef!

If a pitting accessory is very practical at home, can you imagine its usefulness in the professional field? Indeed, there are more efficient professional quality pitting machines to pit fruit per kilo quickly and in large quantities, generally designed with a small compartment to collect the waste!

For a manufacturer of fruit jams or compotes, the pitting machine is essential for this job.

The cherry and olive pitter: the essential utensil for a home-made and creative kitchen.

AZ Boutique has everything you need in terms of kitchen equipment to help you create a creative kitchen. If you like to prepare homemade jams with seasonal fruits, get a pitting machine if you don't have one yet, because this small device will save you a lot of time and allows you to cleanly pitted fruits.

Whether it is for professional or domestic use, you will be very satisfied with the use of the pitting items offered by AZ Boutique.

Lacking a gift idea? Why not offer a pit remover to your loved ones, it is useful and used in families.

AZ Boutique offers you a diversified range of pitting machines and similar kitchen tools!

AZ Boutique offers you other kitchen accessories similar to the pitter, such as the apple corer knife, the pineapple corer knife and mandolins which are manufactured by Lacor, Paderno and Louis Tellier brands.

How to make a beautiful cherry pie for example? The following kitchen equipment will be essential to make your recipe: cherry stoner, cutting board, colander, spatula, non-stick pie tin with a removable bottom, food processor or hand blender and kitchen scale. Once your equipment is assembled, gather the ingredients to start preparing the cherry pie. Butter a round non-stick pie tin, then arrange the shortcrust or shortbread dough and finally fill the pie with the cherry preparation. The pie is now ready for baking.

Make the most of AZ Boutique’s other accessories such as paring knife, strainers, mixing bowl, garlic press, juicer, food mills, chopping board, cooking utensils, spiral slicer, corkscrew, measuring spoons, turners, nonstick pans, pizza cutter, scraper, skimmer, steamer, shakers, salad spinner, bottle opener, potato peeler, pepper grinder, platters, rolling pin, knife set, cheese grater, mandoline slicer, ramekins, canning jars and many other useful kitchen equipment.


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