Baguette Pan

To easily make wafers and other long cookies and pastries, AZ Boutique offers you its non-stick metal baguette pans.

The loaf pan, also known as the baguette pan, is mainly used in bakeries to make long cakes or pastries, almond or chocolate tiles or French loaves called baguettes. The baguette pan is a non-stick metal kitchen material which is in the form of regular long baguettes.

Bread baguette in all its forms is a type of loaf consumed and appreciated all over the world. To be able to make a variety of delicious and crispy baguettes, the baguette loaf pan was invented.

These baking trays are normally suitable for baking 4 to 8 baguettes at a time and are non-stick to allow easy demoulding of the bread.

Why choose your baguette pan to make your loaf or baguette pan recipe on AZ Boutique ?

The baguette pans offered by AZ Boutique are from the Paderno brand (Paderno World Cuisine), an Italian brand internationally known for the superior quality of these kitchen utensils.

For shaping the French bread or other pastries, the loaf pan with its non-stick coating is ideal because it is of professional quality and the preparations can be easily removed from the mold to obtain an excellent result, especially in the professional environment. To date, all bakeries, hotels, pastry shops and Viennese pastries use baguette trays as baking equipment to present beautiful uniform baguette bread. However, the baguette sheet pan can also be used by those who wish to make their own homemade bread.

The baguette pan or loaf mold in pastry making

Very practical in pastry making, the baguette pan also enables you to make pretty wafers or « tuile » yourself, such as orange wafers, citrus wafers, almond wafers or parmesan wafers among others, to enhance your aperitifs and desserts. No more need for the rolling pin to make wafers at home, because the wafer pan is the ideal kitchen utensil for this.

The use of the loaf mold or baguette pan in bakery

Bread is consumed for its nutritional intake of carbohydrates, which is a source of energy for the brain and muscles, which is why it is essential to eat it for breakfast. By adding seeds, the quality of the bread is increased to make it richer in fibre.

Hence, you can find excellent bread recipe books or great recipes online to make crispy breads or baguettes at home using the baguette pan in a traditional oven.

For example, to make the traditional baguette, in addition to the non-stick metal hob, you will also find other kitchen items on AZ Boutique such as the flour shovel, pastry brush, pastry cutter, dough cutter, cutting board as well as the kitchen scale to help you easily perform this task.

Baking bread is also a great and smart activity to keep children busy during the holidays. What a joy for a child to take a loaf of bread out of the oven, which he has made himself! Moreover, kneading is so much fun. So, organize a children's kitchen with pastry utensils, the baker's yeast not to be forgotten and the famous wafer pan with non-stick coating for easy demolding as well as delicious breads. Once the bread dough rises and it's ready for baking!

Looking for homemade bread kitchen utensils? Opt for AZ Boutique’s baguette pan or choose the loaf baking mold!

To experience the pleasure of smelling the baking of a good bread at home and enjoying it, AZ Boutique brings together all the bakery equipment for its customers, amateurs or professionals to help you prepare white or brown bread easily.

Making homemade bread and baking it successfully is not that simple, hence it is essential to choose the right cooking items, as well as the cookbooks or grandmother's great recipe that will help you make this cooking experience successful.

You can also make round rolls, poppy seeds or sesame breads or brioches using the other bread and brioche molds, bakery sheets (parchment paper) or cookie sheet available on AZ Boutique. Some of the other useful silicone or nonstick stainless steel bakeware items include cake pans, springform pan, muffin pans, oven safe bread pans, ramekins, mini loaf pans, bread pan, cake sheet pans, quiche pans, tart pans, bundt pans, square cake pans, cupcake pans, pie plate or pie pans as well as other items like glassware, cutlery set and dinnerware set.

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