Round cake pan

The round cake pan is usually one of our first bakeware items, it can be of different dimensions and shapes: oval or round.
Nowadays, the high-rimmed round baking pans are used in the kitchen to make various cakes, sponge cakes and can even be used as a pie pan. You also have nonstick pan and springform pan for an easy unmolding.

Make your best sweet sensations in your round cake pan!

However, there is an endless variety of cakes which you can bake in a round mold. Here are some ideas below:

Birthday cake: Choose the favorite tastes and flavors of the person concerned and make happy ones. The easiest and quickest recipe to celebrate this occasion will certainly be the famous yogurt cake that you can flavor as you wish and garnish (with buttercream for example). You can even make a tiered cake using different size cake pans.

A chocolate cake: the list of chocolate cakes is long and will awaken the creativity of the sweet-tooth and gourmet. Add a ganache inside and a topping to add some yumminess. Why not go for a dark chocolate cake with a strawberry heart for valentine?  All chocolate lovers will be thrilled.

Pound cake: 1 pound of flour, 1 pound of sugar, 1 pound egg and  1 pound butter and you're done! Don’t forget the icing glaze to glam up this super easy cake! Be careful to line up your round cake pan so that the cake does not stick after cooking.

Tarte Tatin: The legendary apple and cinnamon pastry everyone loves! It can also be prepared in a pie pan.

Cheese cake: this specialty made from fresh cheese that we have heard a lot about will be easy to make.

We could add many recipes to the list of cakes, use your imagination and creativity

Which round baking mold to choose?

Want to add a round baking pan to your bakeware set:

First of all, select a light and very heat-resistant pan (metal, porcelain) for durability and long-lasting use. The shape and size: round or oval depending on the result you want, choose also the (small pans of less than 9 inch, medium pans of 10 inch or 12 inch, or larger pans of over 14 inch).

Favor a pan that allows easy handling, after baking, use a kitchen glove or a hot pad to avoid burns.

For easy demolding, you also have the non-stick pan: choose a cookware item with a nonstick liner. Alternatively, you can also select a mold with a removable base such as the springform mold so that you can "unmold" your cake easily without breaking it. If you don’t want to use nonstick pan, do not forget to coat your mold with some butter or flour. If you want to use a ceramic mold, make sure it is oven safe!

For a long and lasting use, thoroughly clean your mold and avoid getting it too often in the dishwasher.

Whether you fancy cupcakes, brownies, the layer cake or a cheesecake addict, Az boutique features some top-notch professional-quality baking supplies for your kitchen: round cake pans, loaf pans muffin pans, rectangular pan, cupcake pan, measuring cup, cake decorating supplies, cake boxes, bundt pan, cooling racks, mixing bowl, cookie cutters, heart shaped molds,  mini cake pan from famous and reliable brands such as Paderno, Lacor, Gobel and Pilivuyt. Home bakers as well as professionals will be delighted! Grab your spatula and nail your favourite baked goods!

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