Hemisphere cake pan

The hemisphere cake pan is a cooking utensil widely used in pastry making to make mini cakes, sponge cakes and pastries in either large or small semi shapes. A half-sphere baking mold is made of stainless steel or silicone with different sizes. This mold is particularly suitable for modern desserts with an impeccable finish, such as dark or white chocolate cake that is smooth and uniform.

How to use a hemisphere or half sphere mold ?

AZ Boutique offers you large hemisphere cake pans made of nonstick stainless steel or flexipan silicone (from 5 to 24 molds depending on the type of silicone mold). You can use your half-sphere molds to bake all your half-sphere cakes, but there are also other tips for making preparations that do not require baking! For example, to make one large or several small half-sphere chocolate cakes, simply melt the chocolate according to your recipe and pour it into the chosen mold(s), then put it in the refrigerator and once the preparation has cooled, that's it !. You can also make different iced bombes in this kind of mold such as the delicious zuccoto from Florence! The advantage of this type of special half-sphere cake baking mold is that it enables easy demolding.

Chocolate remains the essential food chosen for desserts at various parties and events. Easter, Christmas, a birthday and other occasions, chocolate is on the menu. If you prefer, for example, to present homemade mini chocolate melters, the flexible 15-spheres silicone mold is perfect. For simple and clean mold filling, use a piping bag. The shape of the half-sphere gives excellent ideas for presenting original and modern sweets and this tool is a perfect chocolate mold.

To make pop cakes for a children's party, bake your mini half-sphere cakes in the oven using the flexible 24 half-sphere silicone cake mold and then assemble 2 half-spheres together to form a pretty round ball, then garnish the pop cakes with chocolate or icing of your choice. To make them even more attractive, place them on a cake display that matches the table decor.

Your little one is a great football fan, why not make a nice surprise by making a beautiful football as a birthday cake? For this purpose, the 20 cm diameter 18/0 stainless steel mold will be your main tool. Bring up and cook 2 sponge biscuits in half sphere, then place them one on top of the other, the sponge ball is ready. For the decoration of this type of cake, sugar paste or marzipan made with food colouring is ideal because it is easier to handle and it holds well as well as is more resistant to heat. A beautiful blue, white and red ball and the team of his choice will do the trick. Your little one will undoubtedly be impressed and amazed by such a realization made by mom or dad!

The hemisphere cake pan will undoubtedly help you to develop a creative cooking !

Silicone or stainless steel hemisphere cake pans, AZ boutique presents its professional brands.

AZ Boutique primarily markets the Paderno brand's professional quality stainless steel and silicone half-sphere molds.

Paderno is an Italian brand and its half-sphere molds are kitchen accessories renowned for their superior quality that are suitable for professional kitchens. To make one large or several small half-sphere pastries, these cake pans are excellent.

Maintenance of the hemisphere cake pans

To preserve the quality of the stainless steel half-sphere molds, it is advisable not to use them with a knife or other sharp objects, detergents and abrasive sponges.

For the half-sphere molds or silicone cake molds, they are easy to clean and reusable. In addition, they are perfectly resistant to temperatures ranging from -60°C to +260°C. They are also microwave safe and can be stored in the refrigerator as well as enable easy and clean demolding of your various round cakes preparations.

For whom are the hemisphere cake pans or the half sphere molds ?

Stainless steel or silicone half-sphere molds are very easy to use. Professionals and amateurs alike will find it a real pleasure to use these pastry utensils.

Assembled pieces, sponge cake, sweet or savoury petits fours, pop cakes, fondant, dessert, round cake with a flowing fruit heart and many other recipes can be made with these hemisphere molds! Amateurs, with the help of a recipe book or good recipe ideas on the internet, will be able to make and present their pastry creations as real chefs to please and awaken the taste buds of friends and family.

AZ Boutique puts at your disposal other bakeware items which you can add to your pastry collection and these include springform pans, muffin pans, loaf pans, round cake pans, square cake pans, brownie pan, mini cake pan, madeleines pan as well as pie pans. Come and make the most of our high quality products !

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