Charlotte mold

The charlotte mold is a pastry pan with high, slightly flared edges that can be straight or have flutes depending on the model. It is mainly used to make the delicious dessert called Charlotte or icebox cake !

To prepare one of the most popular desserts in France, which is made with boudoirs and génoise, it is necessary to use the right charlotte cake pan. AZ Boutique offers you different charlotte cake pans that are very frequently used in professional cooking or by amateurs who want to indulge in their passion to make pastries ! We propose silicone molds as well as metal molds with a nonstick coating. Discover all the advantages of the charlotte cake pans with AZ Boutique!

Silicone or nonstick metal charlotte mold - What to choose?

Let's start with this famous silicone charlotte mold that has made a big place on the market. It is good to know that a silicone mold makes it easy to demold your cakes. It is not even necessary to grease the mold before putting it in the oven because the dough will not stick to the silicone cake pan. Silicone resists extreme oven temperature ranging from -60°C to 240°C which implies that you can easily put them in the traditional oven, microwave and even freeze them.

These cake molds are almost non-deformable and can be used for a very long time! It saves costs, isn't it? To finish the short list of benefits of this mold, let's add that it is also dishwasher safe. However, it should be noted that the silicone mold does not diffuse the heat that well as that of a mold made of another material.

Our second category is the nonstick metal charlotte mold. This cooking equipment is ideal for professional quality cooking. The metal diffuses heat very well and baking is more easily controlled. Unlike silicone molds, which do not require greasing, the molds must be well buttered before baking. A little tip if you plan to use the nonstick metal mold: never use sharp objects or knives that could damage the nonstick coating. Metal molds are much more often used in professional kitchens to have a desserts of better quality. Some chefs prefer to cook with more traditional utensils such as metal molds!

The cooking equipment is important but you should also ensure that the you follow the recipe well and the rest will follow automatically. You can even make giant muffins or cupcakes with these charlotte molds to stand out from the crowd.

Before you buy these famous charlotte molds, how about a little history on Charlotte ?

The word « charlotte » is synonymous with delicacy! You will find cream, fruit, boudoirs and so many things that evoke delicacy. Were you aware that this cake which is the favourite of the French, is in fact of English origin ? The Charlotte simply pays homage to Queen Charlotte, wife of George III and grandmother of Queen Victoria, who was fond of a entremet prepared in a high mold with flared edges made from sandwich bread, brioche and jam. A kind of pudding far from the "Charlotte of today"!

However, the recipe you know today was invented 100 years later by a cook named Antonin Carême who worked in the kitchens of the future King George IV. It was this French pastry chef who decided to introduce boudoir biscuits (spoon biscuits) and Bavarian cream. He then named this preparation "Charlotte Parisienne" to distinguish it from the "Charlotte Anglaise". Then when he later worked in the kitchens of Tsar Alexander in Russia, he gave it the sweet name "Charlotte à la Russe", its official name nowadays. Thank you Antonin!

With the right charlotte mold, say goodbye to failures! However, some tips are never too much!

  • As we explained to you at the beginning, the choice of mold or cake pan is very important. The demolding process must go well to ensure that you have a very beautiful cake to place on your presentation plate.
  • Biscuits: biscuits should not be too soaked. In other words, cookies should not become soft. The cake must have a good hold with a firm biscuit on the rim.
  • As far as Bavarian mousse or cream is concerned, it is up to you. However, the advantage of foam is that it sets naturally without adding gelatin.
  • Finally, have patience. The best thing is to leave the cake in the fridge at least one night before eating it to enjoy this beautiful dessert !

That's it! That's it! We told you all. Enough chatter and get cooking ! There is no shortage of charlotte recipes and in fact, more than fifty sweet and savoury recipes! Strawberry and pink biscuit Charlotte from Reims, royal charlotte made from rolled cakes, chocolate charlotte, pears, eggplant charlotte with old parmesan cheese, there is something for everyone!

From the nonstick metal charlotte cake pan to the aluminium or silicone charlotte mold, discover charlotte molds on AZ Boutique. You can also find our other ranges of pastry molds such as the cake mold, the brioche mold, the bundt pan, the springform pan, angel food cake pan, non stick round cake pans, fluted pans, stainless steel pan set, loaf pans, square cake pans, muffin pan, sheet pan, mini cake pans, heart cake pans, sponge cakes molds, madeleines molds, banana cake pans, cheesecakes pan, carrot cake molds, fudge cake pans, ramekin pan, candy molds, chocolate cakes pans and other high-quality bakeware molds to make the best cake.

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