Barquette pan

The barquette pan, also known as the boat cake pan, is ideally designed to make small boat-shaped cakes for the pleasure of children and adults.

The boat shaped trays offered by AZ Boutique are made of non-stick metal from the Paderno brand and are suitable for the traditional oven. Their dimensions vary from 6cm to 12cm.

Paderno is an Italian brand renowned for the excellent quality of these kitchen utensils, which are used in professional kitchens all over the world. If pastry making is one of your favourite hobbies, we advise you to start making mini cakes by equipping yourself with Paderno tray molds.

Characteristics and use of the barquette pan

AZ Boutique's boat shaped molds are made of stainless steel sheet with a non-stick coating to allow easy demolding of the cakes.

These barquette molds are pastry utensils that are ideal for professional kitchens because they meet food standards and can also be used by amateurs. In addition, these molds are resistant and reusable.

To improve and make your kitchen creative, use this nonstick barquette pan to make mini cakes, designer cakes, mini tarts and salty or sweet petit fours.

To remove the cakes easily, it is important to butter these cake pans before pouring your preparations into them.

These small cake pans are very easy to maintain, but to maintain their good quality in the long term, it is important never to wash them with a sponge that has a scraper and to wipe them and store them in a dry place after washing.

The barquette pan or boat cake pan, a childhood memory !

Even if the boat shaped pans are appreciated by adults, this cake is still a symbol of childhood.

Who doesn't remember these delicious flavours when we came home after school and took the time to enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate, a glass of milk or fresh fruit juice accompanied by delicious strawberry or chocolate mini cakes ? A little gourmet moment that was so much awaited! Chocolate filled cakes, almond cakes, cakes with apricot, strawberry, raspberry or lemon meringue jam, these are some great ideas for sweet desserts that you can make at home to delight your family and friends.

The barquette cake pan is generally designed with a sponge base and filled with the preparation of your choice, but depending on the taste, this recipe can be revisited.

For the holidays, don't hesitate to vary your sweet and savoury recipes by using the boat shape mold to make the appetizers that you can place on a beautiful display that matches the table decoration. Whatever cake you choose to bake for a birthday, aperitif, Easter, Christmas and other events, AZ Boutique has everything you need as kitchen accessories to help you enjoy your meal.

 You will therefore find on the site kitchen equipment, such as pastry molds, kitchen scales, rolling pin, pastry bags, a wide variety of kitchen knives, mandolins, round cake pans, loaf pans, cookie sheet, quiche pans, cupcake pan, cookie cutters, cake stand, high quality spatula, madeleines pans, bakeware set, stainless steel cookware, square cake pans, bundt pans, candy molds, ramekins, sheet pans, deep dish, sheet cake pan, pastry cutters, non stick pan set, heart cake molds, mini muffin pans, brownie pan, pie pans, springform pan, tart pans, ring mold, bread pans, hand whisk, storage boxes or containers, timers and pots.

Take the time to have a look and discover all these items that will help you increase your imagination in baking!

Small barquette pans, small boat cakes !

Put on your kitchen aprons, collect the equipment, ingredients and most importantly the right cake mold and let yourself be inspired by the recipes in your cookbooks or the good recipes available online to make tasty pastries like a real chef ! Plain boat cake pan or fluted tray mold, discover the different barquette pans available on AZ Boutique.

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