Pasta making machine

To make good fresh homemade pasta easily, all you need is a professional pasta making machine in your kitchen. Very easy to use, discover many models of this professional appliance available here!

The electric pasta maker machine is more and more popular in home kitchens. As for professionals, they have long since adopted this equipment in their kitchens, which allows them to make ravioli, spaghetti, tagliatelle, lasagne, noodles or even homemade gnocchi. These pasta machines are designed for lovers of meticulous cooking or professionals in the catering industry. Thanks to the efficiency of the pasta making machine, you will be able to treat your loved ones to fresh pasta in all its forms

Type of flour to use for homemade pasta with your professional pasta making machine!

Fresh homemade pasta certainly tastes better. However, in order to make them properly, the choice of flour is the key element for this preparation. It is therefore advisable to choose durum wheat flour type T55 by adding water, eggs and olive oil as well in some recipes. What exactly is T55 flour? It is a flour extracted from hard wheat which has a high gluten content. This type of flour or durum wheat semolina is readily available commercially to make the various pasta compositions.

How to make fresh pasta using a pasta making machine: a culinary art not only for Italians!

Are you a lover of Italian cuisine? Italy is the land of pasta, there are more than 300 different forms of pasta on the territory. Quite an art!

Here is a good recipe for fresh pasta that you can quickly make by having a pasta making machine in your kitchen. Economical and absolutely simple, you will need flour, fresh eggs and salt as ingredients for this recipe that will allow you to make your own.

Fresh pasta recipe for 4 to 5 people: 4 fresh eggs, 400g of flour and salt.

In a salad bowl, pour the flour and salt, make a well and break the eggs. Using a wooden spatula, mix from top to bottom to blend everything well. Place the mixture on a floured work surface and knead it until you obtain a smooth ball. Place your mixture in a cloth and keep in the refrigerator for half an hour. You can now cut your ball in 3 and put it through the dough machine. Thanks to the different rolling mills available in your machine, you will be able to choose your dough shape. Once the pasta is ready, dry it using a pasta dryer, before cooking it in boiling water.

To achieve al dente cooking, which facilitates digestion, always boil the pasta in a large volume of boiling salted water. Add salt when the water is boiling. 1 litre of water per 100 g of pasta. Respect the cooking time which is about 8 minutes for an al dente cooking according to the size of your pasta, the best is to taste to appreciate the texture in the mouth. You will be entitled to a tasting as fresh as it is healthy. Simmer a delicious bolognese to accompany your tasty homemade pasta! Buon appetito!

A cheap electric or manual pasta making machine at AZ Boutique for lovers of Italian recipes.

Thanks to AZ Boutique you will easily find a professional pasta maker machine for your kitchen without spending a fortune.

We offer you the electric pasta machine which is very easy to use. Just put all the ingredients in the machine and program it for kneading to obtain the types of pasta you want: spaghetti, rigatoni, linguine, fettuccini, tagliatelle, gnocchi and broad pasta. We offer high-performance appliances that allow you to present your culinary preparations like a real chef. With such a tool in the kitchen, you will be doubly motivated to please your family and your guests.

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