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Crepe maker

Master the art of making crepes with the electric crepe maker! What about a delicious Nutella or a cheddar filled crepe or even savoury blueberry pancakes for your Sunday brunch among friend? Well, this is possible with this cookware tool which has a quick reaction to heat! The surface heats very quickly and with the temperature control system, you can control the hotness of the surface to have a constant temperature for the perfect baking of your crepes. Bake evenly round crepe like a chef in no time with the range of professional crepe makers available on AZ Boutique!

Salty or sweet pancakes, with fruits, Nutella chocolate or even whipped cream, pancakes can be enjoyed in many ways for adults and children alike. With its non-stick coating griddle plate, the electric crepe griddle makes it easier for you to make pancakes without them sticking to the cast iron plate. You will be able to enjoy friendly moments with your family around good pancakes prepared in a second.

Become the Sunday brunch boss with the non-stick electric crepe maker!

With its circular shape, the crepe machine allows you to make beautiful round crepes thanks to its wide non-stick cooking plate. The electric crepe maker is widely used in the world of professionals (hotels and restaurants). Spread the crepe batter with a crepe spreader or a spatula. Once placed on the tray, thanks to the adjustable thermostat of the crepe maker, you can easily control the cooking of your pancakes thus, obtaining a beautiful pancake with a homogeneous texture. The advantage of the professional crepe maker is that the cooking surface is a non-stick griddle that does not require lubrication before use. Even after use, this electric griddle is an easy clean material. Simply do not use an abrasive sponge and metal utensils to wipe in order to preserve the non-stick surface. A wooden spatula is often supplied with the crepe maker. If no wooden spatula is provided, the use of a plastic ladle or a stainless steel spatula will also do the job.

Unlike the traditional crepe pans, the electric pancake maker is much heavier as it includes cast aluminium. It is therefore important to place it in a strategic and practical location so that it does not have to be moved often.

Discover the advantages of our best crepe makers on AZ Boutique to prepare savoury crepes which you can quickly whip up at home!

  • Do you like pancakes party? Then this appliance is for you. Pancakes are so easy and quick to make with this type of apparatus. Whether you are an amateur or a professional cook, you will make your pancakes with unimaginable speed! This device does not require a lot of technical experience so take out your crepe recipe and make delicious crepes as soon as you receive the product.
  • In terms of saving money, a crepe maker does not consume a lot of electricity. Moreover, since it is portable, you can take it with you everywhere: in a fair if you have a stand or even during an outdoor picnic provided you have a power supply system and a stable surface to place your crepe maker.
  • Finally, the professional electric crepe maker ensures safety during use. All you must do is plug it into an electrical outlet and set your thermostat properly. There is no risk of explosion or splashing and it remains much more reliable than the crepe pan on the cast iron stove, for example, which requires gas or an induction plate.


How to choose the right nonstick crepe machine to enjoy your delicious French crepes?

  • When using an electrical appliance, it is important to look carefully at the standards applicable in your country and the appropriate plugs in your home. Unfortunately, customers often buy devices that they cannot use because the power socket at their place is not compatible with the device. You will have the choice between CE (Europe) and USA/Canada standards for plug compatibility.
  • Choose your cooking equipment according to whether you are professional or an amateur. There are electric crepe makers that have a higher voltage compared to others. Always check the amperage and volts of your electrical equipment.
  • Finally, it will be better to opt for a kit crepe maker equipped with some accessories of the right size to cook nice pancakes such as the wooden spatula.

Commercial Crepe maker or sturdy home electric crepe-machines: find the best products on AZ-boutique

Now, instead of going to the creperie, treat yourself and other pancake lovers with delicious homemade crepes or omelettes with the electric crepe maker. With the professional electric crepe machine, make large crepes very easily. On AZ Boutique find the best choice of cheap crepe makers!

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