Are you addicted to ultra-crisp homemade fries or even onion rings? Then the deep fryer in our household appliances category is surely made for you! This practical appliance is ideal for an everyday use and you will surely not resist homemade fried food anymore. The reason is that no other cooking method delivers such crispy delicious browning while keeping it tender. The electric deep fryer not only makes it possible to make French fries but also all kinds of fries: doughnuts, croquettes, vegetable tempura, fried or breaded fish, samosas, onion rings and many other deep fried foods!

Make crispy French fries in a professional way because the deep fryers sold on AZ Boutique allows you to set the thermostat to the right temperature so that the cooking temperature of the oil allows you to have an ideal cooking and cook in complete safety. Donuts, chips, churros, or any other snacks: everything becomes so easy! You can even save space in your cupboards as it will look good on your kitchen counter top.

Master the science of frying with our professional deep fryers on AZ Boutique!

AZ Boutique offers you the traditional Lacor stainless steel home deep fryer with the glass lid which can be found in mostly non-professional kitchen. It is a deep fryer with a large capacity of 5 litres and a power of 1500 watts. To avoid any problems in the future, AZ Boutique has thought of everything! You can buy the replacement tank and the adjustable thermostat if the one you have is damaged. It is the perfect deep fryer for an everyday use whether it is for fresh, frozen or crispy fries. Apart from French fries, this electric fryer can also fry, boil, roast, cook or steamed cook and even grill. This multi-functional fryer cooker comes with the right gadgets to make your job easier: the time regulator to monitor cooking time, a removable handle, two grids, a fry basket and fondue forks. The basket is used for the oil bath of your fries and is very easy to clean.

There is also the professional deep fryer that is used by professionals (in restaurants and hotels), exclusively for deep frying purposes: chips, doughnuts, meat fries, fried fish, fried chicken or vegetables. This fryer has an opaque lid with a small window, also called a control window. This window monitors the cooking of your food and at the same time avoid being exposed to oil splashes. This stainless steel digital deep fryer, which has a capacity of 3.5 litres, is also equipped with an adjustable thermostat and digital display indicator light for greater visibility. The professional deep fryer for has a removable bowl for easy cleaning.

We also offer Bartscher professional electric or gas fryers made entirely of 18/10 stainless steel, designed especially for intensive use in professional kitchens, for several kilos of chips for example. With different capacities of tanks: 6L, 2X8L, 2X9L, 16L, our professional Bartscher stainless steel fryers have multiple features depending on the models for high efficiency: multi-tanks, several fryer baskets, indicator lights, safety thermostat for temperature control, oil drain valve, oil filtration system, on/off switch, grease trap, tank with cold zone, automatic timer stop, odour filter... Do not hesitate to check the technical characteristics of the fryers before making up a choice!

Economical, practical, easy, portable: discover why you should adopt this electric deep fryer!

The electric deep fryer is ideal in a traditional restaurant, a community, a fast food restaurant or a food truck. Depending on the detachable models, it can eventually move. In any case, the fryer allows you to cook quickly and perfectly in complete safety. This kitchen appliance does not require much effort to use and allows you to control your cooking temperatures safely unlike a frying pan or wok. All you must do is heat the oil to the right temperature, plunge your French fry sticks or other fries into the oil bath with the help of the fryer basket and after a few minutes your delicious golden fries are ready! With electric fryers, you do not have to worry about making several oil baths and opting for the traditional two-step fry cooking process!

Frying can be tricky at times! How does frying in a food fryer really works?

It is important to pour the oil into the fryer before switching it on and the quantity of oil must reach the minimum level without exceeding the maximum level. By exceeding the maximum level of the appliance, the oil may overflow when you add your fries and cause hot oil splashes. If your fryer is empty and you turn it on, it may damage the appliance.

It is also advisable to use the same type of frying oil or fat when changing the oil. Different oils may react with each other and your cooking oil mixture will be damaged and lose its quality very quickly.

We always advise you to use vegetable oil for frying such as peanut oil or special frying oil because it is better for your health as it is less high in cholesterol.

For a healthier preparation, the oil in your fryer should never be dirty. Renew the used oil after about 10 uses or when the oil starts to blacken or have rancid odours.

Nailing your crunchy French fries like a real pro in the best deep fryer!

We share with you the trick to successfully cook crispy fries on the outside and tender on the inside. Choose floury potatoes. Whoever talks about quality fries also recalls quality potatoes! Potato varieties such as Bintje, Monalisa, Caesar, Manon, Victoria are the best to use.

Rinse your fries thoroughly in cold water to remove as much starch as possible and dry them immediately. Choose the "two-step" cooking method. Precook your fries for 4-8 minutes at medium temperature, about 150°C then let them cool for half an hour. Then, cook a second time at 180-190°C at high temperature to brown and crunch your fries! Once finished, place your fries on absorbent paper.

3.5 Litres or 5 Litres oil capacity easy clean fryer: when it comes to your commercial deep fryer or semi-professional deep fryer, choose the expertise of AZ-boutique your kitchenware and restaurant supply store.

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