The AZ Boutique loyalty program


To reward all our customers, we have implemented a loyalty program which is free and without obligation. Indeed, you only need to be an AZ Boutique customer to benefit from it automatically.

Many actions on our website, will give you loyalty points. Hereinafter you will find everything you need to know about how to get reward points and also how you can use them.

Current rate of loyalty point : £ 0,03 (incl. VAT)


Obtain loyalty points

Various actions that you perform on our website can help you to obtain loyalty points.

  • Place an order For every order validated and paid, you will get one point for every euro of purchase. The number of earned points is calculated only on the basis of items purchased. Thus, shipping costs are not taken into account and any discounts applied (sales, promotions, coupon codes) reduce the number of earned points. What happens in case of order cancellation or return ? If you cancel your order later, or if you return an order, the points will be also cancelled. If the cancellation or return are partial, then only points relating to cancelled or returned items will be cancelled. If the points have already been used and can't be cancelled, the corresponding points value will be deducted from the refund for items returned or cancelled.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter If you have a customer account and you subscribe to our newsletter, you will receive 20 loyalty points. This offer is only valid once per customer and the email used when you subscribe must match with an existing account. If you unsubscribe, you will retain the benefit of points obtained. If you decide to register again, your account will not be re-credited.
  • Recommend to a friend You can refer to a friend or a relative. Indeed, in your customer account, you can consult the "Reference" section which allows you to share our website link or even send invitations to a list of recipients. Each invitation sent via our sending form will earn you 2 points. However, e-mail addresses must be valid and you cannot send multiple reference requests to the same person or to a spam. In case of spam or abusive mail, we reserve the right to suspend your reference account and cancel possible earned points. If one of yours friends or relatives place his or her first order on our website following your reference link or by filling in one of your sponsor information at check-out, you will get 200 points. If the order is canceled or totally returned, the points will be canceled.
  • Place 5 orders You will obtain 100 loyalty points for five validated and paid orders. You have nothing to do. Points will automatically be credited to your account .
  • Share your order on Facebook or Twitter Once an order is confirmed, you can share it on Facebook or Twitter. You will obtain 20 points. A single order can be shared only once. If you cancel your order, loyalty points relating to its sharing will be cancelled as well.
  • Tagging a product On each product information sheet, you can tag keywords. It consists of adding keywords on a given product. You will get 1 point per keyword approved by our administrators. It is necessary to add a new but relevant keyword that relates to the concerned product.
  • Share a product information sheet with a friend If you share a product information sheet with a friend using the sharing tools available on each product page, you will receive 1 point. However, e-mail addresses must be valid and you can't repeatedly send the same product to the same person or to a spam. In case of spam or abusive mail, we reserve the right to suspend your account and cancel any points obtained fraudulently.
  • Evaluate a product For every product purchased on our website, you can evaluate and review the item directly from the product information sheet or via e-mail sent after receipt of your order. For each evaluation validated by our administrators, you will receive 20 points.


Manage and use your loyalty points

Each point obtained using one of the methods listed above increases your balance.

  • Manage my loyalty points To know your balance, simply go to your customer account in the "My loyalty points'' section. You can use your loyalty points when you want.
  • Use loyalty points to place an order Your reward points can reduce the amount of your orders placed on During the shopping cart step, you can choose the number of points you want to use. The amount of your discount will be calculated automatically, as per the number of remaining points. No minimum order is required for using your points and deductions are applied to the amount of your order except shipping costs.
  • Send loyalty points to a friend or a relative Your loyalty points can also be sent to a friend or a relative. However, the person to whom you send must have an existing account on You can send points via "My loyalty points'' section on your customer account


Double your loyalty points with the premium card

If you hold the AZ-Boutique premium card , your loyalty points obtained by ordering will be systematically doubled.

The AZ-Boutique premium card is available here. It also provides other benefits such as free shipping with no minimum purchase. For more information, click here.