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How do I create my account?

  • How do I create my account?

    It's easy! Click the link "New customer ?" in section "My account" at the top right of our website home page. You can also proceed to create your account after the cart step at checkout. Fill the form with your name, address, email address and other required information. Once the form completed, click "Submit". Your account will be created.

  • Why are these information so important ?

    The information provided when creating your account allow us to ensure the proper treatment and proper delivery of your orders. You must make sure that they are correct to avoid any problems. The validity of your email address is particularly essential so that you can receive the full status of your order, answers to your questions to customer service, etc ...

  • Are information disclosed to third parties?

    No, your information will never be communicated to third parties. Indeed, we have a policy of not transmitting any information about our customers and we have put in place security procedures to maintain its secrecy. Nevertheless, in case you are registered for newsletter, you will be sent information and exclusive promotional offers from our company. You can of course unsubscribe at any time .


How to manage my account?

  • How to access my customer account?

    To access your account, go to the section "My account" located on the top right of every page on our site. Enter your email and password you chose during registration, then click "Login"

  • How do I change my personal information?

    To change your personal information such as your email address or password, simply log into your account. Once you are logged in, you access the management interface of your account. You can now edit your data by clicking "edit" or selecting the item "My information" ou "My address book" in the left menu.

  • Lost your password?

    Don't worry! If you are not logged in, you can click "Forgot Password?" in the section "My account" at the top right of each page. You can therefore request a new password to be sent to your email.

  • Are my personal information protected?

    At AZ-boutique, we pledge to respect the confidentiality of your personal information. In accordance with Article 34 of the "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6, 1978, you have, at any time, a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you.


How to place an order ?

  • How to place an order ?

    To place your order you must first register with us. If this is not the case please refer to the question: How do I create my account? After having created your account, the process is very simple. When you are interested in a product, simply click "Add to Cart" to add it in your cart. Once you have finished shopping, click "Access to my cart" in heading "Your cart" located in the right column.

  • What to do in the "Cart" step?

    You can see this page in the items summary you wish to order. Though this interface, you can also change the quantity of items ordered or remove an item from your cart. Remember, when you change the contents of your shopping cart, update it by clicking "Update Cart" to recalculate its price. Once you have verified your cart and you are ready to order, click on "Order".
    At any time, you have the option of returning to the shelves of our store to choose another item by clicking "Continue Shopping".

  • What to do in ''identification'' step ?

    You have to enter your email and password you chose during registration. If you are a new customer, please refer to the question "How do I create my account?" . If you are already logged in, you will be taken directly to step 3 "Delivery".

  • What to do in "Delivery" step?

    Regarding your delivery address, you must ensure that it is correct. This is necessary in order to avoid problems during delivery. If you find an error, click "Edit Address" and please correct the erroneous data. If you wish to be delivered to a different address than the one displayed, you can either click on "Add Address" and complete the form and click "Submit", or select an existing address from the drop-down list.
    In the section "My possible instructions", you possibly can give us information that can be useful in processing your order or for the carrier (time attendance, etc.).
    Finally you need to select the delivery method by which you want your parcel to be shipped.
    Once completed, you can proceed to the next step by clicking "Continue order".

  • What to do in the "Billing" step?

    Regarding your billing address, you must ensure that it is correct. If you find an error, click "Edit Address" and please correct the erroneous data. If you wish to be billed at a different address than the one displayed, you can either click on "Add Address" and complete the form and click "Submit", or select an existing address from the drop-down list.
    Then choose the payment method by which you want to pay your order.
    Once completed, you can proceed to the next step by clicking "Continue order".

  • What to do in the "Confirmation" step?

    This step is the summary of your order. You must make sure that all information you have provided is accurate.
    After having checked your information and read the Terms and Conditions by checking the box, you can submit your order by clicking on "Submit your order".

  • What to do in the "Enable" step?

    At this stage, your order has been registered. A confirmation email will be sent. You can then continue your visit to our website or leave.


How to track my order?

  • How to track my order on

    You can always track the progress of your order by logging into your account, and clicking " My Orders " in the section "order status" on the left in the management interface of your account. You must then select the order concerned by your application. Please note that we keep you informed by email throughout the progress of your order.

  • My package has been shipped: how to track its delivery?

    When your order is shipped, you can track its delivery via the link in the details of your order which is accessible through your order tracking (see previous question "How to track my order on").
    You also have the ability to track your parcel from the carrier's website via the link and tracking number provided in the confirmation of shipment email.


How to use a promotional code?

  • How to use a promotional code?

    To use a promotional code on AZ-boutique, simply enter it in the topic "Coupon code & gift voucher" at the ''cart'' step(cf. question : "How to place an order ?"). If the promotional code you want to use is valid, the discount will be applied. Otherwise an error message will be communicated.


How are shipping costs calculated?

  • How are shipping costs calculated on AZ-boutique?

    The shipping cost are calculated based on the total weight of the items you wish to order and the delivery address you selected.
    In the case of shipping to multiple addresses, the calculation is made based on the weight of the items and their respective delivery address.
    For more information about rates, please visit the "Shipping and delivery" page.

  • What will be my contribution to the shipping cost ?

    No need to submit your order to determine the amount of your contribution to the shipping cost. set up a section that allows you to estimate this amount at any time. To do this, go to your shopping cart by clicking "Go to cart" in the section "your cart" to the right of the page.
    Once you are in your cart, enter the delivery address in the "Shipping cost & taxes estimations" to get an estimate of your shipping costs.

  • How can I benefit from free shipping?

    In case your order is shipped to Metropolitan France (including Corsica and Monaco) and insofar as it is more than 150 €, you can benefit from free Colissimo fees or discount on Chronopost fees.
    If your order meets these criteria, the shipping costs will be recalculated automatically so that you can benefit from this offer.


How to use gift voucher?

  • How to buy a gift voucher?

    Gift vouchers can be purchased like any other section of our online shop and are available in the "Gift vouchers". You can also use the module at the bottom of this page. In this case, you will need to select the desired amount and click on the "Add to Cart" button. You can pay by one of the payment methods offered in steps of checkout. Once you have purchased and your payment has been validated by our customer service, the code for the gift voucher purchased will be added to the history of gift vouchers purchased and an email will be sent also. The average validation time for an order is 24h after the date of the payment receipt.

  • How to send a gift voucher?

    To send a gift voucher, you must use the sending interface of our website. You will need the full name of the recipient, email address and select the check you wish to add. You also have the opportunity to write a message that will be sent in the email. We draw your attention to the fact that you must make sure that information about the recipient are correct, the operation may indeed be cancelled once the email is sent to the recipient. If he has no customer account on AZ-boutique, the beneficiary must register with the email address to which he received the gift coupon code.

  • How to use a gift voucher?

    If you have a gift voucher coupon code, you can use it by entering the code in the ''Coupon Code & Gift Vouchers'' section from your cart then confirming with a simple click on the" OK "button. As long as you have not submitted your order, you can always go back to the cart step and uncheck the box lying in the field code to cancel the use of the gift voucher. To ensure the security of transactions, a code can only be used on the customer account of the gift voucher beneficiary

  • In case of issues...

    If you meet any difficulties in using our gift vouchers system, please contact us by clicking here. Please kindly give us as much detail about the problem.


Why are your prices lower than those generally found in stores?

  • Are your products the same as I could buy in the traditional trade?

    Our products are identical to those you might find in traditional shops. Indeed, we are a French company, subject to the same laws as any other dealer, and we sell only original products. Whatever the brand, all products available on our website are designed and manufactured under the responsibility of the company holding the mark on the products.
    However, at AZ-boutique, we hope to make you enjoy the most attractive rates and, when it's possible, we offer products with the least amount of packaging. The packages are expensive and we decided to sell such cutlery sets without box. We strongly strive to improve our ability to offer attractive prices. In case you want to have a more elegant package than the one supplied as standard package, we offer an optional gift wrap service and, when it's possible, we also offer optional packages (boxes for cultery set, for example).

  • Do you have lower fees than other traditional retailers ?

    As you can imagine, our operating costs, i.e all expenses necessary for our business operation, are lower than those of a traditional business. By selling exclusively online, we do not have to assume costs related to the rental of physical shops knowing that these are relatively high. This significant savings allow us to make you enjoy lower prices than those found in traditional retail.